Website Designing Without Coding

Website Designing Without Coding

The best part about digital marketing is that it can be done by those students and professionals that have absolutely zero ideas and knowledge about coding. If a student is familiar with coding, that is great but if a student is not, it is totally fine and perfect as well.


If a student is looking forward to having and design their personal website, personal blog or anything of similar type it will be suggested to them to think about designing and starting it without involving anything related to coding. The reason being, web designing with coding can be quite expensive and might lead to needing a few more experts which again will turn to be costly.


Keeping these complications and expensive costs in mind, NAIM included this special module in its Web designing training course in South Delhi. This module is solely dedicated to teaching the student everything about web designing with absolutely no use of coding in it.


This module has turned out to be quite useful for different types of our trainees such as students, job seekers, and working professionals as well. This module will teach the student everything about web development without coding, how to use CMS (Content Management System) and then will be taught how to use WordPress as well.


They will be taught every single basic and the advance techniques of WordPress in order to start and work on a website. Our expert trainers will make sure the student understands every tiny bit of detail that will be required to build a website on WordPress. The student will be given a complete theoretical and practical knowledge about everything that is involved from starting a website without coding to how to improve and optimize it.