Rival Analysis

Rival Analysis

Do you want to outperform your rival?


Why is it so important?


Not only in the world of digital marketing but the rival analysis is a thing that holds a great amount of importance in every industry and work. In order to grow and excel in any industry, rival analysis proves out to be extremely useful as it in a way allows the person to study and analyze the steps and strategies taken by the rival that helped them to be successful.


What is a rival analysis?


In marketing and strategic management, the term rival analysis means assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the current or even potential rivals and competitors. In order to identify both opportunities and threats, the rival analysis helps in proving offensive and defensive strategies that can lead to having a very successful impact on the growth and prosperity of the business and the company.


What you will learn?


Giving rival analysis the deserved importance, NAIM – National Academy of Internet Marketing decided to come up with this very informative and important module and included it in the modules of its digital marketing course in Delhi. Apart from this, there will be special and dedicated classes where the students will be guided by our expert google certified trainers as to how to analyze and study the steps and strategies of the rivals and how to get inspired by the same.


The student will get the complete knowledge of not only how to analyze a rival but also as to how to plan your own strategies and plan with respect to the strategies used by the rivals. The main goal and priority behind the rival analysis are not to copy your rival but how to get inspired by the great strategies used by the rival. Rival analysis stays to be very underrated in the field of digital marketing but it is a very important and useful tool that will prove to be very beneficial to the company or the business in the long run.