Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing

What is Outbound Marketing?


The very first thought that comes to the mind of a new student is what is outbound marketing? So to make everything clear, outbound marketing is a form of marketing that includes marketing of a product through continued advertisement and promotions, sales and public relations. Often called as Interruption marketing as well, Outbound marketing is very different than that old traditional way of marketing in which the whole focus of a company is upon finding customers through different modes of advertising or marketing.


 It may refer to any activity which involves the company initiating a conversation and broadcasting its message out to the audience. A few of the examples that fall under outbound marketing are print advertisements, radio ads, and TV commercials as well. As the name suggests, outbound marketing is totally opposite of inbound marketing, in which a customer finds the company when they need them.


Outbound Marketing VS Inbound Marketing


Outbound marketing vs inbound marketing is often a part of any discussion which involves the task of marketing but at the end of the day, there is no best way of marketing between the two, as the best method of marketing will be different from one business to another and will depend on several other factors as well.


The majority of the companies usually spend a large part of their budget on outbound marketing and hence this module should not be neglected or given lesser importance to. One can get the benefit of outbound marketing training in Delhi at NAIM where this informative module will be taught by our expert trainers. After the completion of this module, the student will have complete knowledge of everything involved in outbound marketing and will be in a pole position to decide which form of marketing (inbound or outbound) would be beneficial with respect to their company/business.