Google Webmasters

Google Webmasters

Previously known to the world as Google Webmaster tool, Google Search Console is one of the most important tools in the world of Digital Marketing. We will talk about its feature and importance but first, let us first know what is google search console? The google search console tool is an extremely useful web service by Google.


It enables webmasters to keep a check with the status of indexing as well as optimize the visibility of their respective websites. It was in the year 2015, that Google rebranded this Google Webmaster tool like the Google Search Console tool. Almost everyone that owns a website uses a webmaster tool and this Google Console tool is one of the most widely used webmaster tools in the world.


It is this tool that holds the power to turn a website into a powerful advertising and marketing unit. The reason it is extremely beneficial is because of its numerous beneficial features. Reaching the relevant traffic for the respective market, making websites visible to potential users, help to reach the marketing goals by optimizing the website are just a few of the several benefits of this tool. 


Seeing the importance of this tool and demand of its experts, we at NAIM came up with this important and informative module. It consists of everything that will make the student aware of all the things related to the Google Search Console tool. Our trainers will give the information and tips about their personal experience with this tool and along with the content of this module, it will result in making the student an expert with the usage of this highly useful tool and its other features.