Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

One of the most important parts of Digital Marketing, Google Keyword Planner is an extremely useful tool that is used in most of the activities done while marketing on digital media. Let us first know what is google keyword planner? So google a keyword planner is a tool that is used to search for keywords related to the business or website and see how exactly a list of keywords may perform.


Apart from this, the Google Keyword Planner also helps in choosing competitive bids and budgets with the campaign. The research of keywords is one of the most important features of this highly useful and beneficial tool. It can be easily used while looking for keywords for a new campaign or even while finding additional keywords to add to an already existing campaign.


Information such as search volume can help the user to decide which keywords to use for existing campaigns and which ones to use for a new campaign. Google Keyword Planner is an extremely important part of digital marketing as it is a known fact that keywords play an important role in this field. Keyword Planner for Seo activities is one such example. The activities involved with Search Engine Optimization depend a lot on keywords. If the right keywords are not used it may result in decreasing the traffic on the website. 


Upon the completion of this module, the student will know everything from 'What is Google Keyword Planner?' to 'How to use Google Keyword Planner?' With the help of this module, the student will get complete knowledge of this tool and its several features.