Google Analytics Course certification

Google Analytics Course certification

First things first, let us first know what is google analytics? Launched in the year 2005 and offered by Google itself, it is a web analytics service that reports and helps a user to track the traffic coming on their respective website.

One can realize the importance of this module by the fact that as of this year, the most widely used web analytics service on the internet was Google Analytics. We got to know about Google Analytics, so now let us proceed to the second part, what is google analytics used for? Majorly, the service of Google Analytics is used for tracking the website activities of the traffic and users coming on it.

User activities such as duration of the session, pages per session, bounce rate and much more can be known through this extremely useful service of Google Analytics. The analysis done by it is usually very informative and beneficial for any company or business. All these data help the marketers and analysts in successfully implementing a marketing strategy.

Due to the rising demand for Google Analytics experts in several industries, we at NAIM came up with a highly informative module which is one of the best for Google Analytics training in Delhi. This module will consist of everything that is related to Google Analytics. It will help the student to analyze and develop the skills required to be an expert with this highly useful tool, Google Analytics.

In this Google Analytics training in Delhi, our professional trainers will provide deep insights about the website as well as the targeted market's behavior on the website that will make the student ready to take a step towards being an expert with Google Analytics and its other features