E-Mail Marketing Training Course

E-Mail Marketing Training Course

Email Marketing:


In today's digital world, email marketing is one of the most used and important part of digital marketing and hence is one of the most important pillars of digital marketing. So let us first get to know in brief about this email marketing course and what is email marketing?


Email marketing is the procedure of sending a commercial message to a group of individuals through an e-mail. An e-mail sent to a potential or existing user is a part of the branch of email marketing. It involves sending e-mails consisting of promotions, business requests and leads to build brand awareness and loyalty as well. Email Marketing benefits are several and is a low-cost method of marketing and hence has emerged as one of the most effective tools of digital marketing for any kind of industry or business.


It is one of the cheapest and effective way of marketing as it allows to reach a very large number of audience at a very low cost. This method of marketing has been producing extremely high response rate and hence is now widely used in all sectors of the industry. All these reasons resulted in the introduction of an email marketing course in Delhi at NAIM.


This module is designed by our experts in such a way that it will give the student every tiny bit of detail about what is email marketing as well as about all the benefits of digital marketing. Upon the completion of this course the student will have the complete knowledge of fundamentals of email marketing, effective techniques used in email marketing, drafting of emails and much more.


It will also result in developing the required skill and knowledge that are needed to understand the current and modern trends used in email marketing. Our previous students have benefited a lot with the help of this module and our expert trainers.