Choosing Best Domain & Hosting

Choosing Best Domain & Hosting

Logically the very first step a student takes when they join one of the best digital marketing courses in Delhi, at Naim is to decide and select the best possible domain and hosting as per their preference.

What is a Domain Name?

In simple words; a domain is the name of the website that is always included in the URL example ( 

What is Hosting?

In simple words, hosting is the space purchased on a server to store the data of a website. It is important to choose a fast & right server or hosting for a website. The loading time of a website depends upon the server/hosting, websites open up quickly on a fast server. A website should have a minimum loading time for better ranking on search engines.


Domain & Hosting Providers 


To get a brand-new website up and running, the first necessary step to pick a domain name before proceeding further. A domain name is what people remember your website/work by and hence the name should be easy to understand and pronounce, the name should be catchy and at the same time, it should be quite unique. Most importantly the domain name should directly be related to the kind of work/service you are going to offer and provide to the potential customers. 


As mentioned, the domain name holds a great amount of significance on the website being successful in the future. If done in a proper and correct way, it holds the potential of leading the website straightaway to attract traffic and users from search engines. Everyone knows the importance of domain yet many people often end up making mistake by taking a domain name that does not relate to work, by making grammatical/spelling mistakes.


Hence to avoid all these mistakes we at Naim came up with this complete module that will give the student all the information and tips that they may need while deciding the name of their domain. Apart from that our google certified and proficient trainers will share their knowledge and experiences that will lead to help the students to a great extent. 


One more advantage of choosing a unique and great domain is that it can be sold in the future. Unique and catchy domains are often purchased by people for a great amount of money and hence choosing a domain is a very important step while starting this digital marketing course in Delhi.