Salary of a digital marketer in India

Salary of a digital marketer in India

With the exponential growth of digital media spends, a career in digital marketing is just like the first mover’s advantage choice for various students and professionals.

Digital marketing salary varies differently at different levels such as if you are someone who wants to be a:

1.Digital marketing executive

If you're a fresher in the field of digital marketing, you're in for having a bright future. An entry-level digital marketing executive in India can expect a starting salary of around INR 20,000 to INR 25,000 and can expect increased salary growth with greater experience and skill set.  The demand in the field of digital marketing keeps on rising, and so does the chances of success.


2.Digital marketing manager 

 In such a case, your pay scale would be around rupees 8lakhs-10lakhs per annum and that too with a minimum experience of 4-6 years. This is the average digital marketing manager's salary in India. 

3.SEO Specialist

If you choose to become the SEO specialist in the digital marketing industry then your average pay scale varies from rupees 3,00000-3,50,000 per annum with the minimum experience of 2-3 years in India.
Though the salary of a digital marketer SEO specialist is lower during his fresher period as you gain experience in the field your figure will also increase.

4.Social media marketing executive

If you decide to opt for the career as a social media marketing executive in the field of digital marketing industry then your salary turns out to be of rupees 4lakh-5lakh per annum in India with a minimum of 3-4 years of experience.
The average salary of a social media marketing executive is rupees 4 lacs-5 lacs per annum approximately and this salary will also reach close to rupees 10 lacs per annum in India depending upon the years of expertise in the Industry.

5.Pay per click analyst

 If you are someone who is good at maintenance and monitoring various data then this digital marketing salary will pay you rupees 2 lacs-3 lacs per annum approximately in India for someone with a minimum one year of experience and also someone who has a good knowledge of the PPC concepts inclusive of a fresher.
As PPC analyst turns years into expertise this average salary will also turn to be rupees 5lacs -6lacs per annum in India.

6.Content marketer

If you are someone who is good at creativity then this content marketing job will pay you about 3lacs-4lacs rupees per annum with a minimum of 3 years of experience in India.
A content marketing manager earns a decent salary close to 6lacs-8lacs per annum in India and this salary may also reach a million rupees depending upon the years of experience in this industry which needs to be 8-10 years.